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Stevens Point League Positions

The membership of the League of Women Voters of the Stevens Point Area has approved the following positions.


Sustainability/Ecomunicipalities Position, adopted April, 21, 2008

The LWV of the Stevens Point Area recognizes "eco - municipalities" as communities that work towards economic, social and ecological sustainability.


Our local education position includes

i. Support of a unified school district with current and projected enrollment and phasing out of inadequate or outdated schools

ii. Continuous upgrading of school facilities which should be flexible for future and current needs in order to provide a complete educational program

iii. Continued land acquisition in relation to area growth with the district

iv. Effective communication among school board, administrators, teaching staff, fiscal body, and the public

v. Equitable and adequate taxation to support school needs and the exploration of sources of taxation other than property tax

vi. Upgrading of teachers' salaries sufficient to maintain a staff of qualified teachers

vii. That the school district is fiscally independent.

Within the framework of the state league education position and our local position the Steven Point Area League School Issues Committee is currently addressing how to improve Wisconsin school funding. Use the Contact Us if you would like more information.

See the history and rationale for this position.


The Library position was adopted in April 1964, amended in October 1989, and amended again in April 2013.

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The following positions were approved between 1961 and 1991.